The Onesie Little Tanning Dress

Why Tanning Apparel

the ultimate post-tan loungewear

What you put on your body after a spray tan (or self tan) matters!

Wearing the wrong clothing after a tan can cause smudging, streaking, colour transfer, staining and sweating... ultimately disrupting the development and overall look of your freshly tanned skin.

This is why we created Bamboo Tanning Dress!

Made from sustainably sourced, soft touch bamboo... our tan resistant loungewear collection has been thoughtfully designed to save your clothing from stains and protect your tan from smudging.

Lightweight, breathable and buttery soft... Bamboo Tanning Dress is the go-to solution for what to wear after a tan.

Because what you put on your skin after a tan matters!


Why Bamboo?

Here are some of our favourite reasons to choose bamboo clothing;

✓ It's a sustainably grown crop.
✓ It's a soft and smooth fabric that feels ultra luxurious.
✓ It's breathable and has moisture-wicking properties.
✓ It's odour resistant keeping it fresher for longer.
✓ It's hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin.
✓ It's biodegradable over time, reducing environmental impact.
✓ It's machine washable and maintains it's softness.

The Twist Top Bamboo Tanning Dress


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