Why Tanning Loungewear?

What you put on your body after a spray tan (or self tan) matters!

Wearing the wrong clothing after a tan can cause smudging, streaking, colour transfer, staining and sweating... ultimately disrupting the development and overall look of your freshly tanned skin.

This is why we created Bamboo Tanning Dress!

We were tired of finding marks in our tan and stains on our clothes. We were fed up with patches where the fabric had absorbed the product. We were frustrated having to run straight home from the salon to hide in our daggy clothes when, as busy women, we had errands to run and things to do!

These experiences inspired us to get creative and design something that would nurture and enhance our tan... not ruin it. Something that suited our lifestyle, that we could wear out and about and feel good in. Something that wouldn't stain so that it could serve as more than just "that old thingI throw on to tan in".

We wanted comfort, practicality, durability, sustainability and luxury all in one!

Loungewear: Perfect for relaxing at home post-treatment

Dresses: Offer a chic solution for those who want to look stylish while ensuring their tan or beauty treatment sets perfectly

Rompers: Specially designed for those using leather car seats post-treatment. They protect your legs and the car's interior, combining functionality with style.

Born from the need for stylish yet practical post-treatment attire, our collection caters to the busy lifestyles of modern women. No more worrying about stained clothes or patchy tans. Whether running errands or relaxing at home, our collection offers the perfect blend of comfort, practicality, and style.

Choose our BTD for an experience that redefines post-treatment care. Embrace sophistication, functionality, and eco-conscious fashion. Elevate your post-treatment routine with our luxurious, versatile collection, where beauty and comfort meet sustainability.

Because after tan wear doesn't have to be boring, and what you choose to put on your body goes a long way to achieving the beautiful bronzed look we all love!

The Onesie Little Tanning Dress