Bamboo Tanning Dress - After-care tips

If your clothes are too tight, they can wear off the tan. This means that jeans, leggings, or socks are a no-no. We all want to take care of our beauty needs and carry on with our daily schedules at work, business or school. You are probably more.

Bamboo Tanning Dress- Brisbane

Finding the exact type of dress you are looking for can be a challenge. Your taste and preference might be a little different from what the market has to offer and this is what befell the owner and designer of Little Tanning Dress. more.

Bamboo Tanning Dress - Melbourne

Are you tired of wearing baggy t-shirts and sweatpants every time you get your spray tan? Are you worried that you are not getting the best results out of your salon tanning because your cotton clothes always soak up the tan? Little Tanning more.

Protecting your fake tan with comfort and style

There’s nothing worse than spending good money on a fake tan just to have it rub off on your clothes as you leave the salon. So, what do you do? You wear big, baggy, terribly unflattering clothes to try and protect your investment. However, there is more.